Burlington, Vermont is Sexually Limp

Burlington, Vermont usually ranks near the top of the ubiquitous “Best Places..” lists that run on in all kinds of magazines and Web sites. But according to a short but hilarious piece by Burlington Free Press writer Sally Pollak, Burlington is second to last in the nation in terms of sexual activity.

Men's Health said chances are, the people in this pic of Burlington's Church Street, don't get it on all that often.

Out of 100 cities, only Portland, Maine is supposedly worse, according to the Men’s Health magazine survey

I don’t claim to know if this survey is true. Men’s Health said they looked at things like the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and the number of sex toy shops around the area. That seems pretty inexact to me. Maybe Burlingtonians do it without toys, preferring the organic, natural way of doing things that are prevalent around here.

Read all about it! Burlington is frigid, and I'm not talking about the weather.

And maybe Burlingtonians are pretty good about using condoms and such, so they don’t get diseases. Or they do get diseased and just stoically stay quiet about them.

In any event, the print editions of the Burlington Free Press, but not the Web site, had a great, middle school type headline about the sex survey. The headline was: “Burlington Dealt Bottom Position in Sex Survey.”

Oh, my.

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