Vermont Winter Already

That big snowbank I saw in South Burlington, Vermont yesterday was jarring.

Snow banks already? This is yesterday, Williston Road, South Burlington, Vermont. Luckily, it was just a ski shop promotion.

Luckily, it was just put there as a pre-ski season promotion by the Alpine Shop, a winter sports store.

But we’re getting into fall, fast and furious now. The house is cold, the sun doens’t have the same oomph it had and the cloudy days are now raw, not humid like in the summer.

Forecasters say there could be some snow flurries on the tip tops of northern Vermont mountains like Jay Peak and Mount Mansfield early Wednesday morning.

Not winter yet: A view of Lake Champlain on a clear, mild Saturday, yesterday, from Burlington, Vermont

Here it comes. I’m never ready for it, even though I should be. Time to warm up my snow shoveling muscles.

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