Bombs Away in Vermont?

Yesterday was a weird day around Burlington.

It’s not every day the bomb squad is called out twice in Vermont.

Photo I snapped of the bomb scare at a Burlington, Vermont apartment complex last night

They found a  strane package at the University of Vermont yesterday afternoon. Once they finally figured out that the thing was harmless, somebody found another weird box with nails, a pipe, wires and other things that made it look like a bomb.

This second thing was at a Burlington apartment complex, and that, too was determined to be junk.

Is all this just paranoia, peaking around Sept. 11? Are we seeing bombs in things that are ordinary? Or is somebody making fake bombs to scare people? Police said the two incidents were  unrelated, but did say they are investigating to figure out whether the apartment house thing was somebody trying to cause a stir.

Another view of the apartment complex bomb scare in Burlington Friday evening.

Reporting on the incident for the Burlington Free Press, I went to the apartment complex where the residents had been evacuated to a parking lot across the street. Most joked about their situation, some looked irritated. Others wrote it off as another weird Friday night in Burlington.

Which it was.

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