’80s Songs That Should Be Famous

I’m great at remembering obscure things that aren’t necessarily important, so today I bring you Great Musical Moments of  1985!

Bear with me. There were great songs in the ’80s. Or, if the song wasn’t so great, the video was superb. I suspect there was some evil plot to bury the musical highlights of the decade.  I’m here to bring them back. (I’m such a hero!)

Martha Davis of The Motels

We start with the song and video “Shame,” by The Motels. The group is famous for the song “Only The Lonely,” not to be confused with the Roy Orbison song.

“Shame” is almost a perfect pop song, and proves great tunes can be uncomplicated and radio friendly, with smart lyrics.  In the video, lead singer Martha Davis, with her terrific voice, is regretfully in a cheap motel   room with some guy.  Of course she’s in a motel. That’s the name the group, right? Anyway, Martha in the video is also outside the motel window as a glamorous model on a billboard for what appears to be a perfume called “Shame.”

Great concept. And the ’80s style works, too. Watch: (Though when you click on the image to watch, it also makes you click on “Watch on YouTube” to actually see it.  And if you’re particularly unlucky, they might make you cool your heels waiting for the Shame video while they play a Dish Network ad. Blech.)

Our next great ’80s hit is “Cry,” by Godley and Creme, who used to be members of 10 cc. (Famous for that weird ethereal ’70s song, “I’m Not in Love”

Anyway, “Cry” isn’t THAT great a song, but the video fascinates me. It’s just a series of the faces of sort of off-kilter people melting into one another in sequence as the song plods along. Strangely fascinating to watch:

One more: I LOVE this song. Another group that had some big hits, (Like “If You Leave”) is Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark, but nobody remembers this one. And it’s their best. “So In Love.” Video is nice and moody, too. (Love the car, HATE the ’80s men’s fashions)

Now, then. Can you out do me for obscure facts from the ’80s?

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