An Apple A Day….

I’m out of summer mode now, so yesterday I dragged Jeff and Denis off to Hackett’s Orchard in South Hero for some honest-to-goodness apple picking.

Denis and Jeff stalking the apples in Hackett's Orchard in South Hero on Monday.

The trees were reassuringly sagging under the weight of the apple crop. The apples are earlier than usual this year,  but still, some of them were a bit green. We went for it.

Different people have different styles of apple picking. Me, I go around the outside of the tree, stalking the perfect, most vulnerable-looking apple to pounce upon.

Apples on the higher branches thought they could escape Jeff's reach. Ha!

Denis likes to get right in the mix, getting close to the tree trunk and grabbing some fruit from near the heart of the tree. Jeff is a reacher, striving to pick the best apple from way above his head.

The trick to picking apples is to twist them off their stem. Too many he-men types try to yank the damn things off, but that only causes a cascade of other apples from nearby branches. Such a waste.

Denis seizes an apple and goes for the kill.

I have to say, though, the three of us did a fine job of picking without laying waste to the entire orchard. With me around, you’d think there would be a more negative outcome, but I’m proud to say Hackett’s Orchard is unscathed.

The only disappointment was Hackett’s was out of apple donuts by the time we got there at mid-afternoon. How is one to recover from a day (OK 15 minutes) of apple picking without recovering with apple donuts?

Busted! The paparazzi catches me munching an apple without paying for it. Jail time coming?

Somehow, we managed.

Now we have tons of apples. Turns out we picked McIntosh, so our scheme to bake apples desserts has crumbled like a poorly done pie crust. Seems McIntosh are not the right kind for baking.

We have to eat them quickly, one at a time, then. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, will a bunch of apples a day keep an entire surgery team away?

One Response to “An Apple A Day….”

  1. denis Says:

    matt, your idea to go apple picking was a brilliant one!

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