Hurricane Earl’s Sneak Attack

Hurricane Earl seems to have been a dud along the East Coast, sparing coastal New England from a big blow.

Strong winds Saturday afternoon and evening, possibly partly related to Hurricane Earl, ripped a board off my shed and littered my lawn with branches

We tend to forget about storms once they get past us, but we shouldn’t. The slight damage around my house this evening is a reminder of that.

Bizarrely,Earl briefly regenerated into a hurricane as it approached Nova Scotia. It was still a tropical storm this evening wayyyy up by Labrador, which is really odd.

Pieces of geraniums litter my deck after strong winds Saturday pushed them off the deck railing,

And Earl, combined with a another storm up in Quebec, and some other weather systems, had the wind unexpectedly cranking at my house this afternoon and evening.

The geraniums took a nosedive off the deck railings, pushed by the wind. A small piece of my shed blew off and there’s branches on the lawn I have to pick up.

So yeah, I guess I’m a Hurricane Earl victim of sorts. But I think I’ll recover nicely. At least better than the geraniums.

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