Last 90 of the Season

Today, it was 92 degrees, and wicked humid, especially for September.

A hazy sun sets Friday over St. Albans, Vermont on what is probably the last really hot, humid day of the summer.

It was the fourth day in a row it was in the 90s and the fourth day in a row that we set a record high temperature here in Vermont.

Even during today’s heat, you could tell summer’s days are numbered. The haze had a different quality to it than it does in midsummer. In July, the haze on a hot day is almost a baby blue. By September, when it’s humid, it’s sort of gray, like it was today.

The air smells different than it did a couple months ago. A few leaves are turning color, and the woods is starting to have a decaying scent. Unlike during mid summer heat waves, the thunderheads don’t erupt quickly and look like nuclear explosions,

Instead, what passed for thunderheads today poked upward lazily, as if they were sick and tired of always having to rise in the summer heat. They’re done. They’re going to go away.

It’ll be a muggy night tonight. But first thing tomorrow morning, a big cold front will come through, heralding fall’s arrival. It won’t get that cold, but it will be cool, and not humid over the weekend. Working outside Saturday and Sunday, I know I’ll feel productive, quick, ambituous.

I’ll have a bit of a sense of urgency, as befits the fall. Because we all have to get ready for winter, or else.

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