Burlington Beer Blast

Burlington, Vermont is often on those lists of best places to retire, vacation, be outdoors, etc.

Today, I found the best honor Burlington could get. The city made it in an article on the Huffington Post as among the world’s best cities to have great beer. Burlington is number three, and is in there among cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Mexico City and Dublin.

And I’m not referring to Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, New Hampshire or Dublin,  Ohio. 

Seems brewers like Magic Hat, Otter Creek and Long Trail make Burlington a good place, plus a lot of bars in town serve good local beer, and a couple make their own great brews. (I’m thinking places like Vermont Pub and Brewery and Three Needs)

So I’m walking around proud today because Burlington is a world renowned beer capital. Granted, I live in St. Albans, which isn’t exactly a beer capital. But I work in Burlington, so close enough. And St. Albans is practically a suburb of Montreal, another city that made the list of Great Beer Places.

Let’s all drink to that. And….URRPP!!!

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