Awesome Earl Photograph

Satellite pictures of hurricanes are some of the prettiest things I’ve seen. They look like pinwheels out in the ocean, at once delicate and mighty.  You just don’t want these hurricanes  to come ashore to spread death and destruction.

Astronaut Douglas Wheelock snapped this photo of Hurricane Earl from the International Space Station.

I came across a fascinating photo of Hurricane Earl in the London Daily Telegraph, and other media outlets, which I have posted here.

It is a view of the hurricane as seen by astronaut Douglas Wheelock who is in the International Space Station.

Cool pic, no?

Hurricane Earl, a dangerous Category 4 storm, is swirling east of the Bahamas. Forecasters said it will skirt the U.S. East Coast, and might become a real problem for Cape Hatteras, Cape Cod, or eastern Maine sometime between Thursday night and Saturday.  These places probably won’t get the full force of Earl’s 135 mph winds,  but even a close miss would be messy for them.

Here in Vermont, we probably won’t see much of an effect from Earl. But hurricanes are unpredictable, nasty creatures, so you just never know.

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