More Vermont Photos

As readers here well know, I like to snap photos, especially those involving nature. Here’s a couple more that I took in the past couple of days.

Moss covers exposed roots in a Charlotte, Vermont forest

The first one is some moss coverning exposed roots in a Charlotte, Vermont forest. I like the photo because the mossy roots look like some weird land-based octopus slithering along the forest floor.

Second is a cloud that briefly lit up in the setting sun in St. Albans, Vermont this evening.

A bright orange cloud lights up an otherwise darkening sky as the sun sets over St. Albans, Vermont Thursday evening.

The cloud continues a Vermont summer trend of really nice sunsets. The sunset in this picture has a chilly, fall-ish feel to me. A cold front had gone through a couple hours earlier, and a gusty west wind made it feel chilly, and made me think of frost.

No worries, though. No frost is predicted, and forecasters say one last summer hot spell is coming in the next few days.

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