Morning Hasn’t Broken

Sometimes, I can’t sleep much early in the morning so I get up and get things done.

I was up at 4:30 this morning. By 4:50 I’d strapped on a headlamp and headed outside to do yard work. The neighbors surely think I’m a nutcase when I do that, but at least I felt productive.

It’s peaceful out there as the first hints of light begin to appear in the east. The quiet, combined with the I-don’t-have-to-think quality of weeding the garden and turning the compost piles, as I did this morning, gives me some quality alone time. amd lets all the junk in my brain drain away.

It sprinkled a bit while I was out there this morning. Raindrops spattering on tree leaves sounded like polite applause, as if an unsure audience couldn’t make up its mind if I was crazy to be out there, or they should admire me for getting things done.

It slowly got lighter as I worked, and eventually I shed the head lamp. Traffic stirred on the road, more and more. The neighbor cranked up his motorcycle. A siren pulsated by on Interstate 89, some distance away. Lights inside houses clicked on while street lights outside blinked off.

The day had started. The world caught up with me. With the new light, I, and the rest of Vermont had fallen into sync. We all have a busy day ahead. So let’s get crackin’

2 Responses to “Morning Hasn’t Broken”

  1. gary rith Says:

    YES! You, me and the birds!

  2. denis Says:

    my grandmother used to say those that don’t see the sun rise missed half the day.

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