I Like Being Close, But…….

Jeff and I were good little boys this morning and went to the gym.

When we finished the workout, we got out to the parking lot and found the scene you see in the photo. My truck is on the right.

The person who drove the small car must really like parking close to my truck.

Did the person from the other car really think somebody could fit in to the passenger side of my truck?  Why did she park so close?  (Judging by the knick knacks in the car, it had to be a she)

It’s a big parking lot. Wasn’t there anyplace else to park? It’s a gym. If you have to walk three extra feet to get in the door, considering that a nice, albeit small addition to your workout.

Her license plate is ironic: “RESPECT”

Could you please respect our ability to get in and out of the truck?

To be fair, the parking lot had more cars in it earlier, the person driving the RESPECT car might have thought there was no passenger in my truck,  or she was in a hurry to get into the gym and didn’t realize she was so close. We all make mistakes.

The license plate says RESPECT. Next time, could you respect my ability to get into my truck?

She could have been focused on the upcoming Zumba class. Understandable. On my best mornings, I can’t wait to do leg presses or bicep curls,  so maybe I’ve parked like that in the past, too.

But she had to be pretty darn thin to get out of her own car. She does go to a gym, so she’s probably not obese.

I had the choice: Pull ahead a little bit so Jeff could get in the truck, or make him walk the two or three miles back home. I’m a nice guy. I pulled ahead a few feet, Jeff got in and we were on our merry way.

One Response to “I Like Being Close, But…….”

  1. denis Says:

    that is the definition of irony

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