The Dirty Dish Rebel

I awoke just before dawn to the faint sound of a “smack, smack, ummm, burp!” coming from the kitchen.

Darlusz the frog hunts for flies amid the dirty dishes in my sink left over from the night before

I got up to investigate. It was Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that has the run of the house.

“Dat fly, dat was tasty,” he said, sitting amid the dirty dishes heaped around the sink. “I wake you up,?”

“That’s OK, it was time to get up anyway,” I said. “I really should do those dishes.”

“Oh, you no hurry,” Darlusz said. “Mebbei day bring more of day flies. Day come in  and I have ‘nother snack.”

I am a dirty dish rebel, because of my upbringing. In my family, as soon as one of us took the last bite of food at dinner, we all had to, under my mother’s command, immediately clean up, and leave things sparkling. No resting after a good meal for us.

It was so bad that we’d wolf down Thanksgiving dinner in 20 minutes, then spend the rest of the holiday carefully cleaning everything up until it shined.

“Dat no fun. You relax after eat,” Darlusz said.

“Exactly,” I said. That’s why the area around the kitchen is so dirty this morning. Yesterday,  I worked most of the day, came home and mowed part of the lawn. Jeff spent the day painting, repairing and otherwise fixing the house. We were both tired.

After I partially cleaned up the kitchen, Darlusz was less optimistic about finding more flies to eat.

Jeff cooked up a simple, but delicious dinner at the end of the day. After we ate, we were satisfied, and tired from the day. So why do dishes? Are the dirty dish police going to come and arrest us? Is the health department going to condemn the house because the kitchen isn’t pristine?

And who cares what Martha Stewart thinks. I went ahead and  cleaned things up a little this morning. Not entirely, I don’t want to be perfect. But it’s better. If I’d  left the dishes too long, the house would start stinking. I do have some low level standards, after all.

In any event, Darlusz and I say, join our dirty dish club. Your life will be happier as a result. Just leave the debris from dinner alone. It’s not important.

I mean, when somebody is on their death bed, do you think they say, “My biggest regret in life was not doing the dishes immediately after each meal.”

3 Responses to “The Dirty Dish Rebel”

  1. Eva Says:

    I was raised in a similar household… but with two young children needing me constantly from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and a fiance I only get to see in the evenings and on weekends, I finally decided to declare evenings and weekends “dirty dishes” times. I clean during working hours, since I’m a SAHM, and if we need dishes I will throw a load in the dishwasher over the weekend, but I do not stress about a few crumbs or a stack of dirty pots. I would much prefer to be with my family…instead of grumbling in my kitchen. 🙂

  2. gary rith Says:

    OH DZ!!!!!!

  3. denis Says:

    i agree but once everything is clean is such a great feeling.

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