Follow the Rules, Dammit!

Do you think people are getting just a teensy bit too prickly?

A dispute at a Manhattan Starbucks makes me think so.

According to the New York Post, a woman wanted a bagel, without butter or cream cheese, at Starbucks.  The counter person, sorry barista – Starbucks has its rules on what to call people and things- insisted she answer the question.  She had to state “… bagel, no butter or cream cheese.” She couldn’t just say “plain bagel,” because that is apparently against Starbuck’s rules.

Lynn Rosenthal, the English professor who battled Starbucks over the wording of a bagel order.

Do you agree with me the whole thing is stupid? The woman, an English professor, has a point. Why must we state what we don’t want; just give us what we want.  The woman clearly did not want butter or cream cheese, but apparently, the clerk, sorry, barista, wouldn’t serve her unless she specified. Quite a little standoff there.

And Starbucks always insists we say “tall” or “venti” rather than “small” or “large” and the people there really get their panties in a knot when we don’t use the words they want us to.

Meanwhile, our English professor was over the top, too, don’t y0u think? Are you really going to scream at people over the specific wording of a bagel or coffee order?  Yeah, it’s aggravating, but aren’t there bigger things to worry about?

Don’t other places sell bagels and coffee? Places that don’t care how you word the order, as long as they understand what you want? Go there, and you might be happier, not to mention less hungry.

Better use the right wording while ordering at Starbucks, or else!

Whatever. Tell me what you think of these mini-wars over wording.  And really, phrase  your comments any way you like. Unless you use profanities or slander.

See, there’s rules everywhere.

2 Responses to “Follow the Rules, Dammit!”

  1. Jay Vos Says:

    Of course it’s silly, but it’s also the silly season of August.

    Starbucks are dreadful…. the McD of the new Millenium (someone said that back in 2000, at the turn-of-the-Century). I rarely get something to eat or drink at Barnes and Noble in South Burlington, but if I’m feeling especially snarky, I irritate the hell out of the B&N/Starbucks baristas by asking for small, large, medium, and if they insist I go by the Starbucks rules, I remind them with a smile on my face that the customer is always right.

  2. Art Says:

    Plain bagel, onion bagel, blueberry bagel, not in agreement with Starbucks but there iare a variety of bagels..

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