Lawn Sale!

“So much stuff,” said Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that lives here at my house. He was sniffing around a big pile of boxes and furniture in the basement.

“Yeah, but we fit it all in,” I said.

Darlusz the frog checks out a heap of furniture and boxes in my basement.

“Dat’s true,” the frog said.

Darlusz was talking about the stuff – furnishings, equipment, boxes, tools, other things – that have been added to the house when Jeff moved in. He’s finished bringing his stuff here .  It’s now just a matter of finishing the job of organizing it. Jeff is working really quickly, so it will be done soon.

We’ve  managed to nicely fit both our possessions into one house, There’s a lot of duplicates, and there’s other stuff neither of us need,  stuff we don’t like that other people might, and junk that junk collectors might want. It’s just in the way, frankly.

“You sell it,” Darlusz said. “You put dat stuff out on da driveway, and da people come and buy. You have, what you call? Da lawn sale. You see, people buy anyting, even if dat stuff junk.

Darlusz sniffs doubtfully at an old carpet Jeff brought as he moved in. It might be sold in a lawn sale

Darlusz has a point.  People will indeed buy anything. My sister once had a garage sale.The money quote from my sister’s sale was from a woman, who picked up some strange knick knack. “I don’t know what it is, but I like it, I’ll buy it!”

So, it’s settled. Darlusz agrees a tentative date for the lawn sale of Sept. 18 should work.

“Even if you no sell everyting at da sale, I bet you can get rid of  lot of da stuff anyway. And what left,  it no cost you anyting. Just put it out by da road, put sign dat say “Free” and I bet all da stuff disappear,” Darlusz said.

The frog sure knows how to plan.

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