Mesmerizing Video: Words Go With the Flow

I stumbled upon the following video this morning,  very much a stream of consciousness marriage between the meaning of words and the different images these words conjure up.

The video appeals to me especially because I assemble words for a living.  Meanwhile, I think almost exclusively in pictures. 

Every thought I have, I see a picture. Then I have to translate those pictures into words to convey my thoughts.  The video helps explain how my brain works.

I don’t know how you will react to this video, but the strange thing is, as I watched,  I strongly felt various emotions welling up in me and I don’t know why.

In any event, the video is SO worth watching, no matter how you think. Just let yourself go with the flow. The whole thing is strangely soothing.

Credit Radio Lab working with NPR for this wonderful piece of art.

3 Responses to “Mesmerizing Video: Words Go With the Flow”

  1. denis Says:

    very well done

  2. jeff modereger Says:

    very cool. simple, thoughtful and meaningful

  3. beckyyk Says:


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