Grabbing, Video-ing A Vermont Storm

Some pretty good thunderstorms got going abruptly to the north of Burlington, Vermont  late yesterday afternoon. I was getting out of work, so I decided to chase them, like one of the midwestern tornado chasers.

After the storm: The sun reappeared after a thunderstorm last evening, shining on the bubbling top of the storm cloud as it retreated to the south of St. Albans

The storms were strong, but maybe not as severe as some people, including me, thought they’d get.

I’ve seen no reports of any substantial damage. So this was good. I nice, fun dramatic storm without the muss and fuss of death and destruction.

Unlike some of my past unsuccessful storm chases this summer, I managed to get into the middle of the strongest storm, just as it reached its peak in the northern end of the town of Colchester. I got a couple pretty good videos.

First video I shot shows wind and rain whipping through trees next to the Simon’s convenience store parking lot.

Next video I shot shows more thunderstorm wind and torrential rain at the same spot during the storm. Notice the sound of the hail picking up as the wind subsides  about halfway through the video:

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