Steven Slater: National Hero

Never heard of Steven Slater? You have if you’ve been following the news today. He’s the Jet Blue flight attendant, who, fed up with an abusive, complete jerk on board his plane, unleashed a profanity-filled rant over the intercom, grabbed a beer, deployed the plane’s emergency chutes, slid down and went home.

Steve Slater. Was a flight attendant, now a service workers' hero.

Finally, somebody made it perfectly clear not all customer are right, especially the annoying “entitled” ones, And he did it so creatively and dramatically. His flight attendant career is apparently over, but his actions were a sort of Emancipation Proclamation for beleaguered service sector workers everywhere.

Of course he faces criminal charges. But his lawyer says a woman deliberately smacked an overhead compartment door down on Slater’s head, causing a cut, then continued verbal abuse at the end of the flight. I see a plea deal coming.

Nobody is releasing the name of the allegedly abusive woman, and nobody’s saying whether she is under investigation. If Slater’s in legal trouble, shouldn’t this woman be in trouble too, for assaulting Slater, if that is indeed what she did?

The truth of the matter will eventually get sorted out, but I am now the umpteenth blogger who thinks this guy is great. There is even a Web site already,, even though this incident is barely a day old. Clearly, the prosecutor charging Slater with felony charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief must also battle the court of public opinion.

Slater is now living his 15 minutes of fame. All the networks are scrambling to interview him, I’m sure. If any good comes of this, I hope this starts a rebellion among service workers who must deal with some pretty awful jerks.

There’s evidence of at least a wish for rebellion. The New York Times invited online readers to submit “final straw” stories and people responded in droves.

Most customers of any business are just fine, nice people.  I run a little landscaping business, and I’m very lucky to report that all my clients are great. And I’m definitely not  just saying that to stay in their good graces. I’m telling the absolute truth. But there’s people out there who abuse business owners and service workers with impunity. It’s time we rebel against them.

Interestingly, as news of Slater’s departure from the plane broke, a video was released today or yesterday of an  unpleasant, drunk McDonald’s customers in East Toledo, Ohio.

About 6 a.m. New Years Day, she went to the driveup window and said she wanted Chicken McNuggets, but the McDonald’s worker said they were only serving breakfast. The customer was not pleased, as you can see in this video:

At least the McDonald’s worker did try to pull the violent woman’s hair when said violent customer threw punches and tried to crawl in through the window, so there’s that. And notice at the end of the video, when the bad customer left and the window was broken. Another customer came to the window and the McDonald’s worker politely handed the second customer his food. Way to go, sister! McDonald’s HAS to give her a raise.

The violent woman got her comeuppance too, as she went to jail, and there’s what should be to her a very embarrassing, widely viewed video of her being a total azz.

So to all of us in the service industry, I saybe kind and helpful to your good customers. They deserve the best. But to all the jerks out there,  watch out, we will retaliate. And it won’t be pretty.

2 Responses to “Steven Slater: National Hero”

  1. denis Says:

    too bad there was no sound. i wonder what she was yelling.

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