Am I Spartan Material?

Way back in March, I wrote about how I found some people dressed minimally as Spartans on a blustery cold late winter day. They were promoting the Spartan Race, which is an insane obstacle course through mud, fire, icy cold water, barbed wire, and other fun little obstacles.

An obstacle in the Spartan race: Contending with the guy trying to bop you with the big stick. Do you take your lumps or fight the guy?

The race was held back in May in Williston, and quite a few people showed up. I was reminded today by one of the race organizers that I said I might participate in next year’s race. She was wondering if I will.

OK, I like playing with fire and in mud, so this could be my kind of thing. I’m a sucker for abuse, and I wear my wounds proudly.

But I’m still undecided.

So, I’m putting this to you, dear readers.  You all can be my advice colunnist today.

Do I make a commitment to do this next spring? I already have a full plate, so do you think I will be able to train adequately? Can a 48 year old guy compete with the young ‘uns that typically do these races? How best for an incredibly clumsy person like me to train and learn how to climb rope obstacles, scoot under barbed wire,  dodge fire and assailants quickly, and generally not look like a complete doofus doing this?

Or, more accurately, when I do look like a complete doofus doing this, is there a way to maintain a shred of dignity?

I’ll take any and all training suggestions.

To give you an idea of what I’m  up against if I do this, here’s a video:

2 Responses to “Am I Spartan Material?”

  1. Tony Simms Says:

    Look like allot of fun !

  2. montpelier28 Says:

    No offense but look at that blond young mans bod, do they have categories? Of course you know your limits, don’t you?

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