Another Unsuccessful Vermont Storm Chase

Taking a cue from the Midwest tornado chases, I, as a major weather enthusiast, like to chase Vermont’s lower-volume storms for fun, pics and video. You take what you can get.

In this photo I took Wednesday evening, high water in the Missisquoi River flows through Richford. I ended up there chasing storms, but found nothing interesting.

Yes, I know that means I’m a total loser. Deal with it.

So off I was last evening toward the Canadian border. Storms Tuesday night and Wednesday morning triggered flooding along the northern fringe of Vermont.

Toward late afternoon yesterday, some new, big storms fired up just over the border in southern Quebec. They started to sag south toward Vermont, threatening downpours that would make even bigger floods than those in the morninig.

Like the last storm chase I did in July, this one was a bust. Unlike last time, nobody got in my way, my equipment didn’t fail. It’s just that Mother Nature failed to cooperate with me.

Yes, I know I sound disappointed that no destructive floods developed. I guess I am, which is sick. But the fact that I didn’t see anything interesting is much better than the fact that nobody’s house washed away and nobody drowned, so that’s a good thing.

I followed a dark cloud all the way from near Milton, Vermont to the Canadian border town of Richford. In Richford, there had been a quick run-of-the-mill thunderstorm, but nothing special. The storm did manage to make the Missisquoi River rise slighlty again, but no flooding.

All I saw was a bunch of shirtless, tattooed young men in sad, downtown Richford trying unsuccessfully to impress overweight young women sitting in cars, smoking.  I took no pictures of them, because I know you don’t want to see those scenes and I didn’t want the shirtless, tattoeed young men to point their handguns at me when I pointed the camera at them. Well, they probably didn’t  have handguns, but still.

The only excitement came when I took a wrong turn and accidentally ended up at a Canadian border crossing. I told the nice border agent I was just turning around, don’t mind me.

 He was actually quite pleasant and patient,  like he’d seen plenty of idiots like me before.  He asked me to show him my driver’s license, and he poked his head in the truck to smell my breath to make sure I wasn’t drunk. Then he politely pointed me back toward Route 105, and my empty-handed trip back home to muggy St. Albans.

Maybe I’ll catch the next storm.

One Response to “Another Unsuccessful Vermont Storm Chase”

  1. montpelier28 Says:

    They should not be able to do that, you didn’t cross the border. Lovely Patriot Act strikes again.

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