Sharks, Blobs and Other Summertime Fun

It’s August, so everybody is headed to the beach.

Just sitting on the beach can get boring, so thank goodness ingenious people and wildlife know how to add spark to our shoreline excursions.

The New Jersey landshark, from the Gothamist

Taking a page from the old Saturday Night Live Land Shark  skits, a shark swam aground on a New Jersey beach a few days ago, according to the Gothamist.

People were scared, of course, but not nearly as scared as if the drunken ditzy Snooki from the Jersey Shore came ashore on uh, well, the Jersey Shore.

Looks like he just wanted to say hi to the crowd and then swim away. Check out the video:

For those of you who don’t have a handy land shark, we have the blob. Our fearless inventors have been at work and have come up with the perfect beach accessory. Basically it’s a big inflatable thing that looks like a giant hot dog.

The latest beach accessory: The Blob

You float it on the water and somebody sits on the end of it. Somebody else, preferably a very heavy person, leaps from a high spot onto the other end of the blob. That launches the person on the end into the air like a cannonball. Such fun! Watch:

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