Vermont Rain, Thunder

It had been getting dry in Vermont in recent weeks, with big brown areas appearing on lawns. Dust kicked up in fields and along streets in the wind. We could have used some rain.

And the rain came. As always in Vermont, the shift was sudden and emphatic. A hot, sunny, humid day on Burlington’s waterfront yesterday turned windy and wet as a thunderstorm lumbered across Lake Champlain, as you can see from this video I took:

Here in St. Albans, Vermont bursts of rain and a few flashes of lightning started at mid-afternoon yesterday and continued all night. I’m up early, awakened by the sound of another downpour on the roof.

The weather service has put out a flood advisory, because some areas have already gotten three or four inches of rain. The forecast calls for more scattered thunderstorms today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Some of the storms could be gusty, with more drenching downpours.

No need to water the garden, I guess.

One Response to “Vermont Rain, Thunder”

  1. ~ Sil in Corea Says:

    Gotta love it! Nature is doing its thing! Awfully glad you did get some rain, even though it may be a bit over-done.

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