An Update on Pukemon

In April, I told you about Pukemon, the moron who intentionally barfed on some nearby fans as revenge against said fans at an April Philadelphia Phillies game.  The victims  objected to Pukemon and his friends, spitting, swearing and generally being unpleasant.

"Pukemon," the guy whose barf was heard around the world, was sentenced Friday.

Pukemon apparently wanted to be himself. Even if everybody else didn’t

I said in my April post that the courts would sort the whole matter out and on Friday, the courts did exactly that.

Pukemon, known to his friends, if he has any, as Matthew Clemmons, 21, of Cherry Hill, N.J. was sentenced to up to three months and jail and community service to boot. (ha!)

The judge in the case suggested the community service ought to include cleaning toilets at the Phillies stadium.

The judge is brilliant, as far as I’m concerned. Do you know how many drunk people throw up in toilets at ballgames? Pukemon looks like he’s been relegated to cleaning up other people’s puke. Justice is served!

I hope Pukemon has learned his lesson. If not, I at least hope he’s no longer enthusiastic about watching ball games.

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