Landcaping: More Novel Mower Repairs, Uses

The other day, I whined in this blog about the broken handle on my lawnmower and how I ingeniously fixed the problem using a rubber bungee cord. Yes, I’m proud of myself.

My mower is now back from the shop with a sturdy new handle. Thanks, Dave, at Dave’s Small Engine Repair in St. Albans.

Yep, that's a log replacing a lawnmower wheel.

I have since found a lawnmower repair more clever than mine, and a use for a lawnmower I never thought of. So many creative people out there!

A dreaded problem is a wheel falling off a lawnmower. No problem for the guy in the picture in this post, which I got from “There, I Fixed It,” a Web site dedicated to, uh, interesting, ways to repair things.

He just replaced the missing lawnmower wheel with a piece of a log and our fearless lawn man was back in business. I just love happy endings.

Next, we go to a guy who just hates clipping his shrubs, and those electric clippers are even worse.  Be patient with this video, because The World’s Strongest Redneck reveals his most excellent solution that leads to easy and efficient hedge trimming:

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