Landscaping: My Slow Wall Progress

As I’ve mentioned, I’m slowly building a stone wall in front of my house. I don’t have much time to work on it, but every time I have a few minutes, I’ll add a couple stones to the wall.

Stone wall I'm building in front of my house, in April.

Or I’ll turn a shovel or two of dirt behind the wall to get things ready for an eventual small garden. Someday, it might get done, who knows?

First picture in this post was taken in April.

The second picture was yesterday, meaning late July. Maybe in the fall, when it’s cool, I’ll make even faster progress.

The wall as it stood on July 27, yesterday, with Darlusz the Polish frog on the left end of the wall checking it out.

I can only hope.

2 Responses to “Landscaping: My Slow Wall Progress”

  1. montpelier28 Says:

    You just started this year correct? You MUST take at least two summers to build a stone wall.

  2. denis Says:

    it’s looking awesome!

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