Retailers: You Must Do Christmas Now.

It’s the middle of summer in northern Vermont, temperatures are in the hot upper 80s, which is at least cooler than what most of the rest of the country is experiencing. 

Which means it’s time to go Christmas shopping.

So say the national store chains. Retailers across the nation are having Christmas in July, “events” as they call the PR campaigns to get people to spend money they don’t have in their stores.

I guess they’re counting  on a Pavlovian response from consumers. If you say “Christmas,” everybody will pour into stores to shop. They figure it works in the Christmas season, so why not now?

According to the Washington Post: “The recession has forced everyone to be much more creative,” said Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail, a marketing consultancy.

You want a creative marketing approach? I’ll give you one. Try selling quality items of things we want and need at reasonable prices.

Nevertheless, it appears there is an evil plot by the nation’s retailers to extend the Christmas season to cover all 12 months of the year. So look forward to a future of Santa among the May lilac blooms, reindeer in the strawberry patch in June, Frosty the Snowman on the beach in July and sweaty, mosquito-swatting Christmas carolers invading your neighborhood during the dog days of August.

Retailers are desperate. People aren’t spending like they used to, so they’re trying anything to lure us in. Hence, the current “Christmas” season.


Christmas carols and sales anytime before the first of December have me running in the opposite direction. So retailers: If you want my bucks now, lose the Santa images and the holiday wreaths, and let me shop for summer clothes in peace.

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