How Not to Position a Ladder

I’m not good with ladders. No matter how hard I try to position them correctly,  they often feel a little tippy and uneven when I’m on them.

I actually try to stay off ladders, but sometimes, the roof needs attention, or I have to paint a hard to reach spot, so up I go.

Stairway to Heaven?

I do try to be as safe as possible. And though I’m famous for jury rigging things to sort of make them work, I try to play it by the book with ladders.

Because falling from the top of a ladder to a concrete driveway is probably not much fun.

Which brings us to a fun picture in this post, which shows the lengths (ha!) people will go to extend the reach of a ladder. Don’t try this at home, kiddies.

Frankly, I’m really tempted to wait until somebody gets on the ladder in the picture, then drive the little cart away.

I’m a bad person, aren’t I?

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