Animals Flatten and Goose Humans, Pets

I often post cute, cuddly, sentimental and hopelessly nice pictures and videos of animals in this blog.

A whale about to crash into a South African sailboat. Occupants were unhurt, the whale swam away.

It’s time I give equal time to the not-so-nice denizens of the animal world.

You might have seen the news out of South Africa where a whale smashed down onto a boat.

Some reports said the sailors on the boat were harassing the whale by being too close, while others said it was just an accidental collision. In any event, I guess we have to add flying whales to our list of hazards on the water.

Here’s a video of the whale incident via CBS News:

Thanks to CNN’s Jeanne Moos, I also found a video of what the narrator calls a “crazy-ass goose” who keeps leaping onto a boat and attacking the guy’s dog. The guy even tries throttling the goose, and repeatedly throwing it back in the water, but it won’t be deterred.

I guess giving the goose  a stern talking to wouldn’t have worked, either. “Play nice now, HONK!” If I was that dog, I would have bit the goose’s head right off.

This is one miserable, mean goose. I wonder why it was in such a lousy mood. Maybe the guy on the boat should have fed it some Prozac. Watch the vid:

Is this something else I have to worry about?  Every fall, I love watching those V-shaped flocks of geese flying south. If I look too much, will they attack?

What other creatures, other than this summer’s obiquitous deer flies and mosquitoes, will go after me next?  Is the rabbit who’s been  hanging out in my back yard that innocent? Is the happy little bird chirp I hear in the trees each morning and evening a nice little song, or a war cry?

I’m not sure, but I’ll keep you posted. That is, if I live to tell the tale.

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