Methtown, Vermont

Once again, the community I live in, St. Albans, Vermont, is in the news because of another drug bust. Authorities found a meth lab on Fairfield Street, which is about a mile away from my place.

The look of a town can be deceiving. St. Albans is pretty blue collar, but it’s a nice community, with a charming little downtown and a gorgeous park anchoring the middle of the little city.

But Taylor Park is a convenient place to buy drugs, and I often see some pretty sketchy characters hanging out there. There are also a lot of run down apartments in parts of St. Albans, and the cops always seem to be raiding some of them, making drug arrests.

Meth is a bit more rare in Vermont than drugs like Oxycontin and heroin, but I guess it’s a reality.

I can easily think that this kind of stuff doesn’t affect me, since I’m not on meth, heroin or anything like that.

But the addicts are desperate, and there’s been a lot of break ins. It’s a reminder that I need to make sure my doors are locked before I go to bed tonight.

There’s no easy solution to all this, but it’s disheartening. They had to evacuate the apartment building where they found the meth lab, temporarily displacing several people.

And the fact that I have to button up my house when I leave, instead of letting the summer breeze go through open windows is another bit of loss, because of all those drugs in town.

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