Vermont Sunset Chases Storms

Today was a fitful day in northern Vermont, with bursts of rain, dark clouds, peeks of sun followed by overcast, darkness and lightning.

The setting sun begins pushing today's dark clouds away, as viewed from St. Albans, Vermont

Some places even had severe thunderstorms, and the radio stations crackled with static and weather alerts for the latest storm warning.

As the sun got ready to set for the night, it struggled through the last of the dark storm clouds, then, with its last bit of strength, it gradually overpowered the black clouds to reveal softer, brighter colors, promising a nicer day tomorrow.

The sun keeps eroding the dark clouds, revealing a few pastels

Reds and oranges appear, promising a warmer day tomorrow

Just before the sun goes below the horizon, the light turns soft and warm, and the harsh darkness of the clouds are gone

One Response to “Vermont Sunset Chases Storms”

  1. Jeff Says:

    WOW. as I said before, Matt + camera = a great match. Great pics

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