Welcome Thunder

I was staying in Wells River, Vermont last night. At around 11 p.m. the sky lit up with lightning. Thunder boomed in the valleys and hills surrounding the town.

The lightning last night in Wells River, Vermont last night wasn't as dramatic as in this photo, but it was still fun to watch the flashes light up the night sky.

We haven’t had that many thunderstorms lately, so the storm was welcome, as I love storms. In particular, we’ve had few nightime thunderstorms this year in Vermont.

I really enjoy the great blue flashes that seem to freeze-frame the raindrops in the air at night. The flashes of light create a glimpse of the trees, lit up in a strange green glow in the brief flash of lightning.

When the rain started, you heard the plop, plop, of just a few immense rain drops on the roof, followed by the roar of a deluge crashing onto the house. A damp, cool, refreshing breeze sifted through the windows.

The storm didn’t last long, and the lightning flashes started to fade after about 20 minutes.  The thunder turned into low grumbles retreating down the Connecticut River valley.  I went to bed, happy, as the rumbles lulled me to sleep,

3 Responses to “Welcome Thunder”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I share your enjoyment of watching nature at her best in action. I love hurricanes, tornadoes, big electrical storms and of course the rain. I do admit that I hate the devastation they leave behind but watching the sheer power of nature’s forces is awesome. It really makes you understand who’s in charge. In all the matches between Mother Nature and mankind, mankind is batting a big old zero. All in all, I can’t wait for the next adventure. Mother Nature rocks.

  2. denis Says:

    the sky was really that colour? amazing photo!

  3. mattalltrades Says:

    Denis: The photo isn’t mine, it was a random photo of lightning I found. I didn’t take pictures of the storm I watched.

    Jeff: You are so right

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