Subaru Drivers Hate Me

Subaru drivers clearly hate me.

Drivers of Subarus like this one all seem to hate me.

No matter where I go, on what road I’m on, a Subaru lies in wait. When I get close, the Subaru always pulls out of a driveway in front of me, forcing me to slam on the brakes

Then, the Subaru driver crawls along, doing half the speed limit. There I sit and stew, stuck behind a Subaru Legacy, crawling along, while its driver obliviously stares ahead at the road.

I have to emphasize, almost every time this happens, the car in question is a Subaru.

The whole situation is a deep mystery. Why Subarus? Why do their drivers do this? Is there a grand conspiracy among Subaru drivers to make me slow down? Are Subaru drivers just mean, passive aggressive people? Is there some cosmic clash between Subarus and the vehicle I drive, a Toyota Tacoma?

I wish I could follow these Subaru drivers home to ask them why they do this. But I have no patience to crawl along at 20 mph to wherever they’re going to ask.

There are a lot of mysteries in life. Is there a God? How did we get here? Are there intelligent beings on other planets? And why do Subaru drivers insist on torturing me?

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