Hot All Over

It’s another muggy, warm morning in Vermont, part of the hot July we’ve had so far and part of a strangly warm year we’ve had so far (with a couple breaks for weird snowstorms)

Chart from NOAA shows global temperature trends

It’s been warm all over the world. NOAA said this week that the first half of the year for the entire globe was the warmest on record.

About a month ago, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Asia occured in Pakistan, when it got up to 128 degrees.  It was also 100 degrees in Berlin, Germany the other day, which is also pretty extreme for them.

The forecast calls for temperatures in the 80s to around 90 every day for the next week.

I like hot summer weather, so this month has been nice for me.  And what’s gone in Vermont so far this month is nothing that hasn’t happened before. Yeah, its been 83 or better each of the past 11 days, but that’s not any kind of record.

Even so, with all this talk of global climate change, it seems every warm spell we get is a bit disconcerting.  I was talking to a landscaping client yesterday and she said the same thing. “Is this the way it’s always going to be,?” she asked, wiping perspiration from her forehead as she stood in her yard, a hot summer sun blazing down on  her.

Global climate change is a threat, of course. But here in Vermont, where I like any kind of warmth we can get, it seems like a mixed blessing to me.

So off I go to work outside today. I will sweat. It will be humid. The sun will come out and it will practically set me on fire. Yep, another normal summer day, but is there a hint of man-made abnormality hiding in this weather, too?

One Response to “Hot All Over”

  1. denis Says:

    is it possible to have high temp and low humidity in vermont??? my polyurethane takes forever to dry.

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