Even More Depressing Oil Spill Stuff

As you know from everything you hear about the Gufl oil spill, it’s all depressing.

The gushing oil well, before the new cap was put on it.

True, the news today indicates that a better, new cap has been put over the gushing oil well, which very well could prevent almost all of the oil from continuing to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, which is great.

If it keeps working.

However: A simulation of where the Gulf oil would go and spread over the next year if the spill continues.

Here’s the animation:

One Response to “Even More Depressing Oil Spill Stuff”

  1. kim Says:

    I saw the animation. It is very sad to see this. I wish I had the opportunity to help with the cleanup in some way. I read too that BP was responsible (they are looking into this) for releasing the Lockerbei mastermind so they could put an offshore drilling platform off the coast of Libya. Its astounding how powerful big oil is!

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