Landscaping: Scoring Dirt!

Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that lives with me, hopped out of the house this morning as he always does and immediately discovered something new.

Dalusz the frog inspects my newly acquired pile of dirt

“Big dirt pile, iz goud dirt too!. What you do with it,?” he asked

“Well, it’s not such a big dirt pile, but I’ll take what I can get. The place where I work is getting rid of a bed of flowers and wants to put in picnic tables for employees. They said anyone who wants some dirt can haul it away,” I said.

“Iz perfect. You need da dirt for behind where you’re building da stone wall,” Darlusz said, hopping over to the construction site that is the future stone wall.

“And the dirt’s free,”  I said. It’s hard to get decent fill, so any little bit I get helps.

“Well, you, how you say, scrounge for everyting anyway. You said you got da rocks for da wall along side of da road, right,?” Darlusz asked.

Dalusz checks out the (slow) progress on my stone wall.

“Yeah,  as long as I don’t steal from anybody’s stone wall, why not? And since I get the rocks from different places, they’re all different colors. It will make the wall look more interesting, with different rocks,” I said.

And if I get the chance to haul more dirt from work, I will. As long as there’s some there.

Just goes to show if you’re willing to work a bit, and search around some, landscaping can be pretty inexpensive.

One Response to “Landscaping: Scoring Dirt!”

  1. denis Says:

    the stone wall is looking great!

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