Vermont Heat’s End?

Today, it was 96 degrees, the fourth day in a row it’s been in the 90s here in northern Vermont.

Thunderstorms begin to erupt through the hazy, hot air northwest of Burlington Thursday evening, July 8, 2010.

This evening, signs began to appear that signal the eventual end of the heat wave.

Thunderstorms erupted here and there over the past few hours, which means the big weather system that caused the heat is beginning to erode.

It’s 10 at night now, and for the first time in three nights, there’s a breeze. It’s still hot, but the thunderstorms over New York, and just to my north in Canada, are stirring what had been the stagnant air of the heat wave. A hint of the breeze occasionally reaches through my open window, offering tantalizing bits of relief from the stuffy air.

By tomorrow afternoon, the meteorologists assure us the thunderstorms will become more numerous. It’ll be a rainy night tomorrow night, and by the end of Saturday the heat wave will be gone.

Of course, with all this humidity, it will rain hard. The forecasters are worried the storms between now and Saturday afternoon will drop torrential rain. They warn that parts of Vermont could get hit with some dangerous flash floods.

There’s already a flood advisory up for some of the mountainous areas. ¬†That’s the price we might have to pay to get rid of the strongest heat wave in at least seven years. Let’s hope the flooding doesn’t amount to anything.

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