Health Tip: Hug a Tree

Every time I go off into the woods, I end up feeling a lot better. Everybody who hikes or spends time out in nature says the same thing.

Trees and vegetation in my back yard in May.

Much of that effect, I’m sure, is just the peacefulness of the forest, and the exercise you get while hiking.

New research suggests there’s even more to that. A New York Times column the other day said trees emit a substance called phytoncides, which protects them against rot and insects.

When we’re in the woods, we end up breathing in all those phytoncides, which seems to have a great, positive effect on our health, boosting our immune systems and doing all kinds of nice things. So going off into the woods exposes you to a beneficial “pollution.”

So  yeah, it’s hot today, but find a park, a forest, or some trees, and hike around, or just sit there. And breath in all thos wonderful phytocides. Your body and your mind will thank you.

One Response to “Health Tip: Hug a Tree”

  1. denis Says:

    i did not know that. perhaps that’s one of the reason i like walking in the woods. i’ll certainly breath deeper from now on whenever i do go in the woods. thanks matt for this info.

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