Happy (loud and hot) Fourth

Ah the Fourth of July: Maybe my favorite holiday, partly because it’s the anti-Christmas.

Think about it. Christmas is all about work, shopping, intense preparation, the need for extreme organizing skills, all of which I’m completely inept at.

By contrast, on the Fourth of July, if you just have a pair of sunglasses and a six pack of beer, you’re probably all set. Even I can pull that off.

Yeah, a lot of people have barbecues, too. But those are easy. Fun fact: Did you know that there’s a 1 in 4 chance that the hot dog or sausage you’re eating at today’s Fourth of July celebration?

The Fourth of July is noisy and brash, not cloying like Christmas. At Christmas you have chipmunks screeching out bad carols, soft music and sticky sweet images of candy canes and Santa Clause, to the point where a diabetic coma sets in.

The Fourth of July brings rockets red glare and fireworks bursting in the air. Very loudly. Fits my personality perfectly. Not-so-fun fact: Last year, fireworks, firecracksers, sparklers, that type of thing caused two deaths and were responsible for 9,000 emergency room visits in the United States.

People do get a little offbeat on the Fourth of July, which is great. For intance, the town of Bristol, Vermont held their annual outhouse race yesterday, for example.

Last year's Bristol, Vt. Outhouse Race. Photo by Trent Campbell/Addison Independent

The hoped-for weather on Christmas is snow, which is nice. You want it to be hot on the Fourth of July. In Vermont, that can be hard to do. I remember waking up one Fourth of July to a temperature of 38 degrees. But it’s supposed to be nice and hot today, so it’s perfect.

So have a great day, bring the sunscreen, and maybe the earplugs for tonight’s fireworks, and let freedom ring!  And boom!!

One Response to “Happy (loud and hot) Fourth”

  1. kim Says:

    You get better food too on the 4th of July!! Straight from the garden!

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