Bad Customer Service? Watch This

Today, we have two people who like millions of Americans, received NO help from a big corporations when they asked for a little help with their product.

Our first intrepid person is a Marine widow from Maine, who moved to California, and tried to cancel her deceased husband’s Verizon cell phone account. She especially wanted to do so since said California town has no Verizon service. They told her basically to pound sand, and pay the $350 cancellation fee.

Death is no longer an excuse to stop paying money to big companies. Of course, our fearless widow resorted to one thing that can make a heartless corporation cry uncle. She went to the media. Nothing like a little bad P.R. to fix a problem. Verizon has since agreed to not force the woman to pay.

Our next David vs. Corporate warrior is an American soldier in Iraq. Tip of the hat to Chris Stecher for pointing this out. Our soldier’s HP printer did not work. HP told our soldier they’d tell him how to fix the printer, but he’d have to hand over some cash to HP first. 

Our soldier did not take this news well, and instead of cash,  handed HP its own public relations debacle, as you will see in the following video:

One Response to “Bad Customer Service? Watch This”

  1. denis Says:

    hey, were those bullets paid for by american taxpayers? what a waste of perfectly good bullets.

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