Vermont’s Alex Connection

I just think this visible satellite picture taken this afternoon is so cool.

You can see Hurricane Alex nearing the Mexican coast just south of Brownsville, Texas.

Then there’s a long channel of clouds heading northeast and then curving back to that swirl of clouds over Quebec. (Here in Vermont, we’re on the edge of that swirl, which is causing a few showers and cool weather today.)

All this just illustrates how all the world’s weather is somehow connected. It’s a metaphor for how everything, including all us humans, are somehow connected to everybody else on the globe.

Not that everything affects us dramatically. For instance, it looks like Hurricane Alex will have no direct impact on Vermont’s weather.

For a little humor, and for an illustration of how unconnected a lot of us feel toward the rest of the world, watch this great Onion News Network parody of how American media might cover this storm. Hey, it’s only Mexico, who cares? :

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