Drying Flowers?

“You got da dead flowers dere hanging in the corner, why that,?” said Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that is my muse in this house.

Cut flowers drying in my house.

“That’s Jeff good idea,” I said. “He’s trying to dry flowers, to see how they come out. He’s got some roses in his house that are a few years old, all dried out, and they look great,” I said.

“Where you put dem, when day done?,” Dalusz asked.

“Ah, you’re too impatient. We haven’t figured that out yet. First things first. Let’s see if this experiment works first. But they’d maybe make a nice, pleasant decoration in the bathroom,” I said.

“You got so many liddle projects,” Darlusz observed.

Yep, and there’s another one. The more the merrier,” I replied.

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