Vermont Beer Here

There’s good news for people like me, who likes to end a long, hard day with a Long Trail Blackberry Wheat beer every now and then.

Britain’s Daily Mail reports that beer, taken in moderation, is a very healthy beverage.  Of course, research into that was done by an outfit called the Beer Academy, so there might be a bit of an agenda there.

I’m a beer snob, so I think the question of whether beer is healthy depends upon the brand you drink.  Natural Light tastes like what skunk urine must taste like, so I can’t imagine that’s too healthy.

So I go for the snobbery by seeking out so-called craft brews, generally made by local artisans and producers.

Luckily, Vermont is a great spot for excellent craft beers. According to the Vermont Brewers Association, there are no fewer than 21 microbreweries in Vermont. I think I’ve tried them all, and they’re all terrific.

After I drink a couple microbrews, I certainly feel healthier. Much more than that, though, and the health benefits seem to wane.   Bumping into walls while schnockered probably isn’t that healthy.

There are people who figure if one beer is healthy, 40 will make you superman. It also makes you super drunk, but I guess that’s another story. I knew a guy years ago who drank a case a beer a day, every day. He died young. Shocking, I know.

Funny how beneficial and destructive beer or any other alcoholic beverage can be. You go into a bar, you have a beer, it’s a place where everybody knows your name, and you bond with your friends and solve all of the world’s problems in the time it takes to down a pint of brew.

Drink too much, too often, and you’re living under a tarp in an abandoned lot and fishing through recycling bins looking for cans and bottles to redeem, all so you can buy bottom-shelf swill.

God knows there are a lot of beer drinkers out there. I wasn’t able to find statistics specifically for Vermont, but I did learn that Americans drink an average of 22 gallons of beer per year.

By the way, it isn’t just beer we’re drinking. According to the Vermont Department of  Liquor Control’s most recent annual report, people bought 362,210 cases of liquor and gross sales through Vermont’s network of state-run liquor stores was $59,202,280

Look for the booze to keep flowing. If you want a reason to go on living, note that   the Vermont Brewer’s Festival is coming up on July 16 and 17 at Burlington’s Waterfront Park. Can’t beat that.

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