The Truck Gets Sick

“Where da truck,?” asked Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that has moved into my house and made himself comfortable. He had ventured out into the driveway this bright, beautiful Saturday morning. My Toyota Tacoma work horse was not where it always is when I’m home.

Darlusz on my driveway this morning, looking for my missing truck. It's broken and in the shop.

“It’s broken. The universal joint’s shot. The guy can’t fix it until at least this afternoon.”

“Oh, dat’s bad. You need truck for work. What you going to do.?” Darlusz asked.

“I guess I just have to deal with it. I e-mailed some of my  landscape clients, telling them about the delay. And I hope I get the truck back by tomorrow, so I can get at least some work done. I hope they all understand. One client emailed back already and they seemed OK, thank goodness,” I said.

“I wonder why you no go nowhere this morning. You sleep in to 6:30 a.m. That’s weird for you, Matt,: Darlusz said. “You usually, what they call, early bird.”

“Well, nothing I can do about the truck, I suppose and I was tired, so I slept in. At least since I’m stuck at home, I can get some stuff done around the house.”

“Yes, dat’s right. Always look on da bright side. You right. Notin’ you can do about da truck.  So what you going to do around da house,?” Darlusz asked.

Well, I can  mow the lawn. And the power company trimmed some branches from around the line that goes into my house and I can pick up the debris they left behind,” I said.

“What about dat Jeff?  He here today. I tought I heard him say he wants ta do some of da work too,” Darlusz said.

“I’ll give him some tasks, I guess. I dont want to put him to work, but he keeps saying he needs projects and gets antsy just sitting around.”

“Ah, dat Jeff is good man,” Darlusz said.  “I see he cook you nice breakfast dis morning. Don’t work him too much.”

Yeah. I guess it’s just a slower pace for everybody today.

2 Responses to “The Truck Gets Sick”

  1. gary rith Says:

    CR-RAP! Crappitycrappitycrapcrap!

  2. denis Says:

    that sucks! but it’s probably the universe wanting you to give you a break from working all the time. enjoy your mini vacation.

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