Will Fireflies Disappear? Vermonters Hope Not.

Darkness had fallen the other night and I was getting ready to go to bed when Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that has become my roommate, mascot and muse, burst into the room.

“Come, we go outside. We see da majeek bogs,” he said.

Majeek bogs? I looked out the window. Little flickers of light decorated the shrubs and air above the lawn, like so many delicate stars.

 “Oh, you mean fireflies,” I said. “Ok, we’ll go out and watch, but I know how much you like to munch on bugs. Don’t eat any of the fireflies, because I really like them.”

“No, da bugs are majeek like me. I no want  harm anyting majeek,” said Darlusz.

The frog does seem to have some magical qualities, but that’s a story for another day.

We went out on the deck to quietly watch the light display. Then Darlusz spoke up. “You humans, you too rational,” he said as I raised an eyebrow.

“I do research on da computer. Da computer say all da lights on da majeek bogs is just chemical reaction, and da bogs are just talking to each udder, day trying to find da mate. Da computer don’t say nothing about da majeek,” Darlusz ranted.

“Well, maybe all that science is just the back story behind the fireflies’ magic,” I said.

“Mebbe,” Darlusz said. “An’ anudder ting. Da computer says da majeek bogs they disappear. They not so many anymore.”

“Why are they disappearing,?” I asked.

“No offense, but you humans, you pave over da swamps and da woods and da fields. Da majeek bogs no like that. And you humans, you got too many of doze lights in da parking lots and da buildings. Majeek bogs no like dat either.”

“Can I do anything to help the majeek bogs, I mean, the fireflies live,?” I asked.

“Yes. You can shut off da outside lights. When da trees fall in da woods, you just leave dem dare. Da majeek bogs like dat. If you got da water and da swampy area, dat good too.”

We sat quietly for awhile and watched the light show. “I hungry,” Darlusz said. “It OK I eat some mosquito?”

“Go right ahead. Eat as many as you want. In fact, Darlusz, you’re looking a little skinny. You should really feast on the mosquitoes. Fatten yourself up on those bastards.

“Tank you Matt,” Darlusz said.

“My pleasure,” I replied.

One Response to “Will Fireflies Disappear? Vermonters Hope Not.”

  1. denis Says:

    we used to catch them as a kid and put them in a clear jar (with holes) on our nightstand. now that i look back on it it was just a cruel thing to do but as kids we didn’t know any better. they are magical!

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