Pancake Mix Squelches Annoying Protestors

I love the First Amendment.  It’s about my favorite item in the Bill of Rights. I think everybody should have the right to speak their mind.

But some protest groups and demonstrators are so obnoxious, so awful that you don’t want to listen. They just make noise and nonsense. How do you make them go away? Or at least shut up.

That’s been a vexing problem until now.  I got this via Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish blog. A man found a way to disrupt the hated Westboro Baptist Church. This tactic would work on any annoying group though.

Just think pancake mix, and copy the gentleman in the following video. You can’t go wrong:

One Response to “Pancake Mix Squelches Annoying Protestors”

  1. Jay Vos Says:

    Brilliant! I love it.

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