A So-so Vermont Garden

“Dat garden you got, it only do, what you say, so-so,” said Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that has taken up residence at my house.

Darlusz the Frog with some rocks he dug up in the garden, between some new spinach and red lettuce.

“Yes, the soil was poor. All clay. The first year I tried a garden, I didn’t know if I was planting radishes or making pottery,” I replied.

A main purpose of my little vegetable garden is to save money and have natural soil, so I didn’t want to spend my dollars hauling in truckloads of soil. So I’ve been composting, composting, composting, and adding it to the garden when it’s ready.

“Ya, dat will take lot of compost,” Darlusz said.

Darlusz plays king of the hill atop a compost pile in my yard that could yield decent soil as early as this fall.

I admitted that was true, and it will take years before my garden soil is the way I want it to be. But every year it will get better. At least things are trying to grow in the garden this year. Besides weeds, I mean.

“Ya, and mebbe every year you get better at doin’ da garden. Ya know, be real good like you babka and siostra,” Darlusz said, using Polish words for grandmother and sister.

I don’t know how Darlusz knows about my grandmother, who died in the 1970s. But she had the best, most perfect, high yielding vegetable garden I can remember. My sister Lynn now lives in the same house my grandmother lived in all those years ago. Her garden is about as good as babka’s.

Darlusz hopped over to my four compost piles. He climbed on top of the first one. “You get rid of sticks in here, it be ready dis fall,” he said. Bypassing two intermediate piles that might yield good soil by next year, he went to newest pile, started in March and added to since.  “You got to mix dis more,” he said.

Darlusz inspects a compost pile I started this spring.

“I know,” I said. “Whenever I find the time.”

“I try to help. I dig in it,” Darlusz said.

“No, it’s pretty nasty in there. Lots of kitchen waste. And those grass cuttings have to be awful and hot. I’ll get to it soon. Come on, you can help me eat some of the spinach and lettuce we just picked,” I said.

“Ya know I like da bugs too,” he said.

“Yes, when I rinse the leaves, if I find any bugs, I will make sure you get them all,” I told Darlusz.

“You a goud man,” Darlusz said.

4 Responses to “A So-so Vermont Garden”

  1. gary rith Says:

    What a most helpful little frog!

  2. denis Says:

    you ARE a goud man like darlusz said. good luck with the garden.

  3. Jeff Says:

    OMG, what have I started…..you and Darlusz are quite a team.

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