U.S Border Patrol Crashes Vermont Wedding?

An article in today’s Burlington Free Press alleges U.S. Border Patrol personnel disrupted a wedding here in St. Albans, Vermont Saturday.

The groom is black, originally from Guinea, and some of his friends and family flew in from Africa for the wedding.

During a reception in Taylor Park, U.S Border Patrol agents appeared and started asking questions and demanding papers, the couple said, according to the Free Press.

Border Patrol people said they were just responding to complaints of a problem or disturbance at the park. The agents respond to a variety of complaints, not just immigration or border problems, according to a spokeman.

I dunno. I live in St. Albans and know the St. Albans City Police department office is almost across the street from Taylor Park, where the reception was being held. Police cruisers constantly patrol the city, especially on weekend evenings.

If there was some kind of disturbance, wouldn’t city police respond? St. A. Police said they got no calls about Taylor Park Saturday evening.

Is this like Arizona? You’re not white, you speak with an accent, you must be an illegal immigrant? I’m suspicious, but maybe this is nothing. Just to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, I will just say I have a lot of questions here.

If you read the article, the accounts from the newlyweds and the Border Patrol are a LOT different from each other.

I’m sure the reporters at the Free Press and other news agencies are going to ask a lot of the same questions I have of the Border Patrol agents and others involved. Let’s just hope we get some answers.

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