Vermont turns cool, wet

I figured this would happen.

Turbulent clouds over Burlington Tuesday afternoon. Not much rain in Burlington, but St. Albans had a downpour and gusty winds.

After an easy winter and a  gloriously warm spring, the summer would turn wet and chilly.

The period from January 1 through May 31 was the warmest on record in Vermont, according to  NOAA.

No good weather in Vermont goes unpunished, I always say, so of course it will cool off and turn gray for the summer.

The weather could quickly turn around for a sunny, hot summer, but June so far is turning out stormy, rainy, cool and unsettled. I mowed my lawn in the rain last evening.

With the rain, the parts I mowed seemed to immediately grow back enough to mow again.

It cleared briefly last night, but now it’s clouding up, on the way toward a forecasted chilly, wet, damp Thursday. The weekend is looking kind of showery, too.

Seems every day brings at least a chance of showers, bringing a serious element of guesswork to planning my outdoor work. Well, I guess I’ll avoid sunburn.

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