Oil, Oil Everywhere, Even in Vermont

Seems oil is splling everywhere. At least Vermont, as usual, does it on a smaller scale.Firefighters deploy absorbent booms in Lake Iroquois, Hinesburg Vermont to contain a hydraulic oil leak. Photo by Alden Pellett.

Hydraulic oil spilled into Lake Iroquois in Hinesburg, Vt., yesterday, according to the Burlington Free Press. Equipment was being used to dig a well near the lake and the oil spilled. A small amount got into the lake, and was contained by booms, authorities in Hinesburg said.

Luckily, it does not appear there will be any more surprises out of Hinesburg, unlike the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Seems BP keeps “underestimating” the amount of oil spilling, according to scientists.

Once again, The Onion nails it,writing about a gusher more serious than the oil the pouring into the Gulf. According to the satirical publication, the gushing BS from BP headquarters is bigger problem.   I wonder if  The Onion isn’t so satirical here.

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