Deer Flies Ruin Vermont

One of the few bad things about a Vermont summer are deer flies.

All biting insects are annoying, but deer flies deserve a special place in hell. As anyone who spends anytime outside in Vermont knows, they buzz around your head and shoulders, biting repeatedly.

It is now deer fly season in Vermont, and they will torture us at least into August.

I don’t know what’s worse, the actual bite, or that bzz, bzz, bzz as they repeatedly bounce off you, looking for a snack.  Of course I am now covered in deer fly bites, and the itch on each bite usually lasts two days or so.

Deer flies are one of the few insects in Vermont that transmit disease to humans, making them doubly hateful. Luckily, “deer fly fever,” also known as “rabbit fever” doesn’t happen that often.

One deer fly will attempt to bite dozens of times unless you kill it first. There is nothing so satisfying as the faint “crunch” as you kill one of those bastards.

Insect repellant doesn’t seem to affect deer flies much. Saturday, I sprayed OFF on a deer fly, and it seemed unmoved, although maybe it suffered a case of self-loathing with all that repellent all over it.

Deer flies are the only creature on earth I have no qualms about torturing.   A mosquito will just get a swat from me.  I want to watch deer flies suffer. When I’m near a river and a deer fly lands on me, I don’t kill it outright. Instead, I tear off a wing and drop it in the water. Then I watch the deer fly struggle until a passing fish munches it as a snack.  Bwah-ha-ha-ha.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there are more deer flies than ever before. They seem to appear earlier and earlier each spring, and disappear later and later each fall.

Diseases and illnesses seem to strike desirable insects, like honeybees and monarch butterflies. Why, oh why, can’t a terrible disease strike down deer flies?

6 Responses to “Deer Flies Ruin Vermont”

  1. gary rith Says:

    I killed, I am not kidding, 3 of the f##kers today….

  2. gary rith Says:

    YES, they do die with a satisfying pop and crunch…

  3. denis Says:

    do their lives have a purpose besides annoying humans?

  4. Slc Says:

    They ruin the outdoors of Maine too! No real predators they just buzz and bite at will. Deer and moose must join us in being really annoyed this year too. I bet I killed more than three dozen this weekend and many still got away and left their mark on me.

  5. Donna Rasmussen Says:

    I totally agree, I HATE these bugs! And they seem so bad this year!

  6. DHutch Says:

    Do these flies die around August or Sept? They are a pain in my @$$ because I live in the country. I feel sorry for the poor animals that have to endure them.

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